Warranty Policy

Date updated: 3rd October 2020


  1. SaralFix offers with or without warranty services. In case customer opts for with warranty service then warranty details will be mentioned on the invoice. Please note in order to claim warranty invoice is mandatory. * No warranty without invoice*
  2. Warranty service is not available on doorstep, however, SaralFix offers pick and drop facility via our courier partner. Pick and drop charges incurred by our courier partner are to be paid by customer.
  3. All the spare parts comes with a warranty void stickers. Any tampering with the sticker will void the warranty.
  4. Warranty is proportional to spare parts availability. In case of spare part unavailability, SaralFix is not liable to refund the money.
  5. SaralFix has the right to refuse service on any claims solely at its own discretion.
  6. The warranty only covers manufacture defects, and does not encompass damage due to manual intervention and natural causes. In case of screen replacement; white, yellow, and blue spots are not covered under manufacturing defects. In some of the models, touch issue is not covered under warranty. Manufacturing Defect is referred to the complete unresponsiveness of the screen and other hardware replaced and unusually fast drainage of battery.

Please note "Testing warranty" is not a warranty cover. It is a 24 hour testing period and after 24 hours SaralFix has no liability whatsoever. Testing warranty covers manufacturing defects.

Terms and Conditions

Date updated: 3rd October 2020


  1. The repairing of your gadget(s) after collection will take at most 24 working hours. It may take longer, depending on the availability of parts and other accessories/services.
  2. If a gadget requires a component replacement, the customers have to bear the cost of the component. Our customer service team will call you exclusively to take your approval before we replace any components.
  3. In case the gadget is given in a completely non-functional condition with no power/no display, we’ll revert with the exact diagnosis and the list of the parts gone bad after a thorough check-up. We follow a decision tree approach to repair a problem and it could be quite possible that we may contact you more than once to get your revised approval of additional parts.
  4. We charge a diagnosis/handling fee of 500INR, in case the customer requests for the return of the device after refusal of the repair and its cost.
  5. The company will take responsibility of a repaired gadget for 7 days after it is fixed if the delivery is not claimed by the customer. Following that, the company will not be responsible for any loss or damage to the gadget.\We reserve the right at our sole discretion to take back an old component in lieu of the new replaced component.
  6. SaralFix requests all its customers to fully ensure and sign the quality checklist before giving/taking handover of their device at the time of pickup or drop. Any problems unrelated to the repair will not be our responsibility, post the customer’s acceptance of the repaired device.
  7. Warranty will be given only for replaced and repaired parts.
  8. Kindly backup all your data and remove the SIM & memory card before giving your device to our executive.
  9. Physical damage caused due to negligence or by accident in the new component replaced by SaralFix will not be considered under the warranty. You’ll be provided another component only in the case of a manufacturing defect in the new component.
  10. A Standby gadget will be provided by SaralFix till the repairs are completed. After the gadget is fixed, if the customer does not claim his gadget, he/she has to pay 100 INR every day as a rental for the standby gadget.
  11. Promotional offers are subject to availability.
  12. Images of complimentary products on offer are for illustrative purposes only. They may differ from the actual product.
  13. Offer may not be combined with any other sale, promotion, discount, code, coupon and/or offer.
  14. Promotions have no cash value. Offer cannot be sold or otherwise bartered.

Pick and Drop Policy

Date updated: 1st May 2021


  1. Due to Covid lockdown; only Pick and Drop repair service will be available and all above doorstep policies will be null and void during this period.
  2. SaralFix uses best in class "wefast courier services" to complete the pick and drop process.
  3. After repairing, we will share a short video to confirm the successful repair. Please note cash on delivery or online payment after delivery is not allowed. Customer must pay the cost before we initiate the delivery of the device.
  4. Warranty policies will be same as above. No change in warranty policies whatsoever.
  5. In case of no repair, INR 300 service charge is applicable. This charge is billed against the operational cost.

Privacy Policy

Date updated: 1st May 2021


SaralFix, henceforth known as “us”, “our”, and “we”, lays down the policies that safeguard personal information of the client, hereafter known as “you” and “your”. The rules and regulations are applicable for our website www.SaralFix.com, mobile apps, electronic services, social networking portals, and all online services, including every online activity we run, or own.

By using the site SaralFix.com, you agree to our Privacy Policy. If at any point of time, you feel that you do not agree with the terms mentioned here, do not share your personal information. To know more, go through our Terms and Conditions.

Please note, we may change our Privacy Policy. We will inform you about any such step before the change becomes effective. We also do not store your credit card or debit card details.

Your decision to register on SaralFix.com is voluntary. We do not share your personal details unless of course you put in a screen replacement request. If you have queries, please contact us at support@SaralFix.com