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Apple announces iPhone 12 with OLED screen and 5G speed

With the constant effort to include the latest features to the iPhone, different facilities have been added. Lately the Apple Company has announced the arrival of the iPhone 12 with an OLED screen and 5G speed. The iPhone customers keep wishing for more facilities that may add to their comfort. The availability of the iPhone with such features is to occupy the marketplace shortly. However, they have provided the facility for the iPhone screen repair for the better management of the screen features.

The technical problems are the natural aspect of the iPhone. The usual obstruction in the functionalities of the iPhone cannot be prevented. Thus, customers need to be aware of the problems that they are likely to encounter randomly over time.

However, the newly introduced iPhone is supportive of the 5G and posses an innovative industrial design. It has a flat edge along with thinner bezzles. It appears to be the 5G with the fill screen and is available in multiple colors such as black, white, blue, green, and red. Apart from these, the companies allowed the customers to opt for the iPhone battery replacement option in case they find trouble with their battery backup. 

People may find the iPhone 12 pro has a stainless steel frame to ensure the durability of the product. The latest version of the iPhone is attributed to multiple amazing specifications like it has a new chip known as A14 Bionic. It takes the 5-nanometer process to minimize transistor size. 

The company explains that the new six-core CPU works 50% more rapidly in comparison to other Smartphones. It is also equipped with a new 4-core GPU known to work more. Customers can also avail themselves of the iPhone screen repair facilities easily on the requirement. The issues with the screen have been noted more and thus, Apple has made it clear that users can get such service quickly. On the other hand, iPhone users focus on battery backup as well. Before purchasing any handset, they ask about the iPhone battery replacement service. Thus, they can collect all the possible information before finally buying this iPhone 12.  Apple wishes to provide its customers with ease and conform in terms of the digital world. Thus, they keep on researching for the newest features t and keep trying to improve their product quality. As a result, we get the new version of the iPhone.